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The braces installed at Ramsay Orthodontics have several different components. The wires, brackets, and other pieces of orthodontic hardware all work together to maintain the iterative tension needed to reposition your teeth. If any part of your braces is bent or damaged, if it falls out, or if it feels loose, it could significantly increase the amount of time it takes to achieve your ideal alignment.

Should a problem like this occur, you should not delay in calling 512-346-1384 to seek professional attention and repair at Ramsay Orthodontics.

If a damaged piece of orthodontic hardware has left a sharp point that threatens to injure your mouth. You can protect your tongue, cheek, or gums from harm by securing the sharp point inside using special orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any on hand, you might be able to improvise with a modest-sized piece of pencil eraser.

Sometimes spacers can come loose or fall out shortly before you are due for your next adjustment session. If this happens, you should call Dr. Stephan Ramsay’s clinic as soon as possible. In most cases, he might simply suggest moving up your next scheduled adjustment session.  

If you have damaged your braces in some way, you should call 512-346-1384 as soon as possible to have it examined and repaired at our orthodontic clinic.