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It’s difficult to pitch to teenagers the long-term benefits to their smile of wearing braces versus the short-term awkwardness that the noticeable wires and brackets can cause them. It’s because of this that your family’s dentist, Dr. Stephan Ramsay offers ceramic coated braces.

Let’s be upfront, these braces do have traditional metal wires and brackets. However, they are glazed in a special colored ceramic porcelain coating. The color of this coating is based on the shade of your child’s natural teeth. This allows the braces to blend in without being noticeable during their casual encounters.

Teens who wear these braces still should brush and floss twice a day, but avoid doing so using whitening toothpaste. The reason for this is that the whitening toothpaste can change the shade of the teeth’s enamel from the color that was selected to match your porcelain. Using whitening toothpaste can cause your teeth to mismatch the braces.

Dark colored foods and drinks should be enjoyed in moderation in order to avoid another potential mismatch. Dark foods like chocolate or berries can end up staining the enamel from a different shade of the braces. If your child eats them, they should brush their teeth afterward. If they do drink sodas, it’s perfectly okay every so often, but advised that they do so through a straw.

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