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What are the known types of malocclusions? Malocclusions, also commonly referred to as “bad bites”, refer to various degrees of irregularities and misalignments with your teeth and jaws. Malocclusions can be the result of a variety of factors, many of which are out of your control. For all the numerous types and styles of common bad bites that may be affecting your smile, see the list below:

– Crossbites come about when your lower jawbone protrudes out farther than your upper jawbone.

– Rotation malocclusions come about when your teeth rotate out of their proper alignment.

– Underbites, also known as bulldog teeth, come about when your lower incisors protrude out further than the upper incisors.

– Spacing malocclusions come about with overcrowded teeth or large gaps between teeth.

– Open Bites come about when you have disconnected upper and lower incisors when biting down.

– Overbites also called upper protrusions or buck teeth, come about when your upper incisors protrude out farther than your lower incisors.

– Transposition malocclusions come about when your teeth erupt above the gum line in the wrong space.

– Misplaces midlines come about when the center of your upper incisors (front teeth) do not correctly align with the center of your lower incisors.

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