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Your new braces have a big job to do: realigning your teeth. Despite that, taking care of your braces is fairly easy, so don’t be intimidated by all of that metal looking back at you in the mirror.

First, don’t forget to see your regular dentist. Even with your braces on, your teeth still need to be cleaned and the plaque and tartar removed. Your mouth is still vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay.

Second, You should brush your teeth at least three times a day. Start by brushing at the gumline, and then brush the tops of your brackets, followed by the bottoms and then the wires. You should take your time, and focus on brushing two or three teeth at a time.
You should pay attention to flossing your teeth. If you have trouble with traditional dental floss, you might try using a floss threader or a water flosser.

Third: If you play sports, consider having your orthodontist create custom mouthguards for your upper and lower teeth.

Finally, watch what goes into your mouth. Hard or sticky foods can damage your braces, and small snacks like peanuts can become lodged in your hardware. Chewing on tough objects like ice, pens, and pencils, or opening packages with your teeth can damage your braces.

If you have questions about taking care of your braces feel free to reach out to our orthodontist, Dr. Stephan Ramsay, at Ramsay Orthodontics in Austin, Texas, at 512-346-1384.