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The braces installed in your mouth at Dr. Stephan Ramsay’s orthodontic clinic incorporate several different components. They include brackets that are cemented onto the faces of your teeth and secured to a sturdy interlocking wire. Many braces also include bands, spacers, and other small orthodontic components.

If you frequently consume sticky foods, like candy, taffy, or chewing gum, it could potentially bend a wire or damage a bracket. The same threat is also carried by crunching on hard foods and hard candies or struggling to bite off tough foods like beef jerky.

If a wire becomes bent or some other braces component is damaged it could alter the tension applied to your braces and the connective tissues of your dental sockets. This could increase the number of adjustments and the necessary time needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

In a situation like this, it’s best to contact Dr. Stephan Ramsay’s orthodontic clinic to have your braces examined and repaired. In many of these cases, he can simply uninstall the damaged braces component and replace it with a new piece of orthodontic hardware.

If you are in the Austin, Texas, area and you have a bent wire or some other damaged braces component, you should call 512-346-1384 to have it examined and repaired by the orthodontic specialists at Ramsay Orthodontics.