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Many adults who were unable to have orthodontic work done when they were younger are looking to have that work done now that they are older. While there are many benefits to having a straight smile, some adults may shy away from braces. They may not like the idea of limiting their diet to braces-friendly food. It could be they don’t have the time for the extra brushing and flossing. Or they may associate the look of braces with teenagers and younger people, which could make them feel self-conscious in the workplace.

The Invisalign® system will allow you to improve your smile, and do so in such a way that no one else will know. Invisalign makes use of clear aligners that fit very snugly against your teeth. While you have your aligners in, they slowly move your teeth horizontally and vertically to give you the look you want. If your teeth need to be rotated, the Invisalign system can do that as well.

Because your aligners are clear, they are almost impossible to notice. You only need to take them out to eat, and to clean them. You can use a solution created for your aligners, or you can simply rinse them with lukewarm water. Because they do not have the hardware that regular braces do, you can continue to enjoy the foods you love.

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