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Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that was created to straighten both the look and function of crooked smiles. Orthodontic treatment typically features braces, or stainless steel spacers attached to your teeth and linked by an archwire. This archwire will be tightened every six to eight weeks, pulling your teeth into gradual alignment. Orthodontics can upgrade your smile in the following ways:

– It can straighten your crowded teeth so they are positioned evenly.
– Orthodontics can close in the gaps found in teeth so they are positioned closely to one another.
– It can change the position of teeth in your top and bottom arches so they join uniformly.
– Straight teeth will lower your risk of dental injuries or tooth decay, as it will offer fewer places for bacteria to hide, are easier to clean, and are less expected to crack or chip your teeth.
– It will increase the loveliness of your smile and in some cases strengthen the form of the face.
– An even bite can preserve the jaw joints and surrounding cartilage and lower your probability of jaw disorders like TMD or bruxism.
– It will treat other disorders like a cleft lip and palate or mild sleep apnea.

With all these advantages, it’s obvious why you’d want to upgrade your smile. If you or a member of your family would like orthodontic treatment, you can phone Ramsay Orthodontics in Austin, Texas, at 512-346-1384 for a personal consultation with Dr. Stephan Ramsay.