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Sometimes, our teeth do not get aligned correctly. This is called a malocclusion, which you may know as either an overbite, underbite or crossbite. While they may not help us look fancy, they may not be cause for much concern. Sometimes, the misalignment can be more extreme, which can cause a few issues.

The place that your jaw hinges is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). With malocclusions, the TMJ may get strained because it may be getting pulled in ways it was not meant to be pulled. The result can be discomfort that is in your jaw or spread out on your face. The discomfort can make it difficult to talk and to eat as well.

One other thing that can happen is that your teeth get positioned incorrectly, which leads them to rub on each other frequently. The rubbing can wear down your enamel, which is helpful for protecting the inner layers of the tooth from decay. With the enamel weakened or removed, those teeth can be at greater risk of decay.

Now, these are really extreme examples. Mild malocclusions may not cause you such issues. The nice thing about malocclusions is that they can be corrected to treat these issues as well as help your smile look nice.

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