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Playing sports while wearing braces can be a little scary, especially if you are worried about injury, but our team is here to help you protect your orthodontic and your smile from any harm. We are pleased to answer questions about playing sports while wearing an orthodontic mouth guard to prevent damage.

Should I play sports if I have braces?
Yes, you don’t have to give up sports because you have braces. Patients of all ages often play athletic games like contact sports, and we can help them keep their braces in good shape during this time.

How can I stop my braces from being broken?
It’s important to wear a proper mouth guard over your teeth when playing a sport of any kind. By wearing an orthodontic mouth guard, you can also keep your orthodontic appliance safe from expensive damages.

How can an orthodontic mouth guard help?
This oral appliance is worn as a protective device for your braces and teeth to stop strong hits from elbows, knees or hard objects that could damage your mouth. You can receive an appliance made of rubber or silicone in the form of a stock, boil and bite or custom appliance. Ramsay Orthodontics offers custom mouth guards designed to fit your exact smile.

How should I react to a dental emergency?
If you suffer an oral injury, contact Dr. Stephan Ramsay and our team for treatment right away. Wearing a mouth guard greatly reduces your risk of injuries by protecting your lip, cheeks, braces and teeth.

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