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When you have braces, cleaning them can be more extensive than just brushing and flossing your teeth. However, since braces can help you have a more attractive smile, the extra time can be worth it.

The braces may pose an interesting challenge, as they can obstruct normal brushing and flossing. As you consider the following tips, you can get the job done and enjoy all their health benefits while the braces work their magic.

Before starting, you may need to remove or adjust the elastics on the braces. They can get caught by the brush, which can cause them to pull on the wires and mess up the braces.

You may need to brush on the tops and bottoms of the brace brackets to make sure they remain plaque-free. You may also want to brush specifically along the gum line too, so it remains clean and healthy as well. Concentrating on the gaps between teeth may also be helpful.

Flossing can be a really unique challenge. Using just a string of dental floss may not be possible. Fortunately, there are many other tools that can get the job done. A floss threader or a water flosser can help you get past the brackets and clear plaque from between your teeth. They are not your only options, as many interdental cleaners exist that can get past the braces. Our orthodontist, Dr. Stephan Ramsay, can help you find the flossing technique that can work for you.

Cleaning braces can be more challenging, but it is still very doable. The benefits that come from having a straighter and more perfect smile can be worth it. If you would like to try braces, feel free to visit us at Ramsay Orthodontics. You can find us in Austin, Texas, and you need only call 512-346-1384 to schedule a consultation with us.